Online Booking - How to Guide

Step 1 - Registration

MUDC Members are required to register prior to using our online booking service. This will enable Members to make bookings for activities, classes & courses, which are available at our Leisure facilities.  To register please follow the steps below:

1.    From Horizons online booking homepage, click on Register.

2.    Select location from the drop down menu as the Home Site.

3.    Enter a user name.

4.    Enter the email address you want all confirmation and notification to go to.

5.    Re-entering your email address to confirm details are correct.

6.    Enter the card number on your membership card/band.

7.    Select which security question you wish to answer - this will be used if you forget your password in order to verify your identity.

8.    Provide the answer for the security question.

9.    Click on register.

You will then be emailed a link to set a password. Follow the link and set a password as prompted. Once this is complete, you will be able to log in and book activities, classes and courses.

Booking an Activity, Class or Course

         Click on Activities, Classes or Courses.

         Select location from the drop down menu.

         Select the Activity, Class or Course you want to book from the dropdown menu

         Select the date you want from the Calendar.

         Select the Timeframe you wish to search (Activities/Classes only).

         Select the duration you want to book (Activities/Classes only).

         Number of places required for you booking will be highlighted as one

         Click Search.

         A list of available options will appear in the centre of your screen.

         Select the slot you want to book by clicking on the basket symbol.

Note: Certain bookings will you require to select a sub-location e.g. Squash - Court 1).

         Your shopping basket will then appear showing your proposed slot.

Note: Members are able to make three bookings in any one 24-hour period.

         If you wish to delete any item in your basket, click on the basket symbol beside the slot you no longer require.

         Before payment can be made please read the Terms and Conditions and tick the box to confirm your acceptance.

         You will now be able to review your bookings and proceed to payment.

         Once Payment has been made, the Online Booking Confirmation will be shown and you will able to print a receipt. You will be required to present a copy of your receipt at Reception on the day of your booking.